November 29th, 2003

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Is there any way someone could explain to me how to make a new Calendar page style sheet using the minicalendar part of Component? I'm trying to make a minimalist Calendar page, and Component's minicalendar would be perfect, but I've confused myself in the process.

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It seems all of the times on the comments to my entries are in GMT time rather than in my local timezone. My journal entries are in my time zone though. Any suggestions?

Sick Skin

Kudos to all of you involved in the creation of this skin... it looks really nice and it is definitely the most functional.

I work with Flash and graphic design in my spare time, and if there is every anything that I can do to help any of you out, shoot me an e-mail!

Thanks a bunch!

Creating an Error Page

Man I don't get it and I'm going completely out of my mind. I'm about to start ripping my hair out in handfuls if I don't get this to work soon.

I'm trying to follow the tutorial for an error page to make my friends page look like aelana's.
I set my friends page to show 0 entries on the page, through the edit customizations page, and it doesn't work. It shows 20, and that makes the tutorial not work. I can set the variable in the tutorial for 20 entries on the page, but then clicking on the links to my filtered friends pages brings up the error page as well because they too have 20 entries on them.

GAHH!!! Someone please help! :(
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