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I really like Component in general, but the boxy look could use some help. Is there any way to increase the space between entries and text boxes so the background shows through and it's not so crowded?

Also, whenever I go to the "Presentation" area and change my background, the html for my free text boxes goes away and I have to reload. Any explanation for why this occurs?
After using the search box tutorial, is there a way to get the results to show where the normal journal entries are and keep the component boxes?
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
Anyone know if there's a way to align the whole bloody journal in component mode to the right..

I'd like to have it all on the right, with the journal entries on the far right, and the components as they are currently on the left side of the journal entries. I'd also like to have the items in the 'navigation' bar be aligned to the right..

Anyone got any ideas?
I like the way the component style has a "edit-this-post" icon on the Individual Entry Page, but what I would love to have is
The "edit-post", "Add-to-memories" and "Mail-a-friend" buttons below each entry on the "lastn" page.

I will be eternally grateful if someone could tell me how.

Thanks, and y'all have a great time!