December 9th, 2003

Expiring soon...

I've got 6 days until the paid account here expires. I'll have money at the end of the week or next week to pay again, so it's not a big deal though. But I just wanted to let y'all know because when it expires I won't be able to add tutorials to the list in the component or anything, so there will be a bit of a lag in that until I pay for more time. I will put a temporary list in the userinfo of any tutorials that come up though. (I took the list off there cuz it was a pain updating it there *and* in the component).

Oh, and I've finally gone through all the tutorials and added them to the memories. I'm gonna work on adding other helpful things to the memories as well... like when people comment and tell someone how to do something, but it isn't exactly a tutorial... More or less, answers to a lot of FAQs.

corneliousjd, if there's anything you've felt compelled to customize here any time soon, ya got 6 days to do it :)

Answers to some FAQs, and other useful things...

I was going through old entries, looking for something, and I noticed some things that have been asked a few times, either in posts or comments. So I thought I'd go ahead and combine some of those answers here for everyone... and this makes it a little easier for me to just add this to the memories instead of adding a ton of posts there just for little things like this...

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A small bug.

I used the search on the right side of the page, and (surprisingly) came up with no results, so I thought I'd mention this.

When you make an entry and then delete it, it still shows on the Calendar that you've made a post. Unimportant, really, but still a bug. :)
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visual component question

I just wanted to thank everyone who's helped me out so far. HTML frankly intimidates me, which is why I save my original stuff elsewhere for reload if I completely screw up. ;)

This is not an HTML question, but a visual one: Do folks here have a preference as to whether component boxes look better on the left or right? Which one is visually easier on the eyes? I currently have mine on the left side, but that seems to crowd things (at least until I master the slimmer entry thing). Opinions solicited.

If this is too off-topic, let me know and I'll delete.
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Scrollbar Colours


I'm new here, and to the component style, and I had a question... I've been able to modify my journal, and I've got it pretty much where I want, but I would like to change the scrollbar colours. I dropped the usual css code in the function print_stylesheet, but it's not showing up. Any ideas?

search tutorial

I used the search tutorial, and I understand the section beginning
function MonthPage::print()
is supposed to make the results appear in the main body of the journal. At the moment it doesn't affect the search results but messes with the calendar instead. has that seciton of code changed? in which case does someone have the ocrrect code?

changing names

Is there a way to change the text for items (such as 'comments', 'show previous entries' etc.)?

I'm currently using:
set text_post_comment = "Comment Here";
Which doesn't allow you to use HTML to set an image. does anyone know what the correct coding would be?

(no subject)

Thanks to tjackson and the anonymous person who bought us more paid time... I feel kinda bad that y'all spent the money on it and then we got a permanent account though. But it's nice to know that y'all care so much about this community! :)
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Search Feature

A lot of people have had problems with the Free Find search feature... When I put a search box here, I did it the easy way, using this tutorial:

I finally tried the Free Find search engine and couldn't get it to work... I did everything just as the tutorial said, and got it indexed. It said it only indexed one page though (I'm assuming it was the recent page). And I put the code in the search component and tried it out. It didn't work. I did a search for words I knew have been used, like "component", "the", "and" and it kept telling me there were no search results. I have no clue how to get it to work right, and it seems a few others have had various problems with it as well.

So... if you want an easy to use search box, go here. The downside to this is that it only searches the last 50 entries. But it's better than nothing, right?

I'm adding that page to the tutorials component as well.

(no subject)

Is there a way to specify a page view in an if statement, well i know there is for things like recent and friends and calendar....

but i'm wondering if i can do something where it is like

if view is friends/subgroupname (
blah blah blah

how would i go about doing that?
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