December 12th, 2003

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printing the custom head

Okay, because I think its so important to know, and so much more efficient than rewriting print_stylesheet(), I want to make sure everyone understands how to use print_custom_head(). So, I want to setup a time in the near future for one or two chats where we can all get together and go over it, or I can just answer questions. Then, afterwards, I can help out on any other questions (except for giving out the source code) The question is, what format would be best for chatting? We can use IRC, an AIM chatroom, a Yahoo chatroom, or my personal favorite, a Flash chat (using the Communication Server). I have to also set aside some times because I'm otherwise super busy working about all day and all night.

So, if you're interested, fill out the poll!

Poll #219245 print_custom_head()

What chat format should we use?

Other (please comment)

What day/time (GMT) is best for you?


Because of all the wonderful smart people here who have come up with tutorials, the 'tutorials' component is getting rather long and cluttered... Definitely not saying that meaning it's bad that we have so many tutorials, cuz that's really great ;) But I'm trying to think of a better way to list out the tutorials... Or is it just me? I just think it's too cluttered looking... There are a few things I could do about this, but I'm not sure what is the best option, so I thought I'd see what y'all think.

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I need to stop squinting...

Anyone happen to know if theres a way, either with print_custom_head or the stylesheet override, that would allow for the text/pictures in my td.entries to not be transparent, but the background in said td.entry to remain at its current 'level' of transparency? Other than that I think i'm going to have to edit my browser preferences, but I think it's mainly just my lj's problem.
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if statements

Is there a way to set an if statements so that only I can view something? For example I know I can say "if(viewer_logged_in())" but what other options are avalible?

I want to make some of my free text only viewable to me when when I am logged in. Any sugesstions?
minifesto VS $*SITEROOT

i think we should use the siteroot variable rather than typing out the url, and you should also make sure that you are not using relative paths with a leading slash like /friends to go to a friends page, cuz if you use images that are on livejournal (like corner images for components and entries) the filename will get messed up if you are using your subdomain ( vs the other methods ( and what do you guys think about this?
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Login component?

I noticed that on the community page for this community that the post component disappears when one is not logged in. Have you guys considered putting in a login component in it's place when someone isn't logged in?

Let me know if you need help with that, I just did it in my journal using a couple of tutorials/comments with information in them from the community here. And it would be cool!

<edit reason="addition"> I decided that I might as well put the code for the different things all together in one place, since when I found the information on how to do the if, then statement for showing and not showing stuff when one is either logged in or out, as a comment under an entry, and had a little trouble finding it again when I wanted to use it. So yeah, here's the code I used in case anyone else wants to use it.

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