December 16th, 2003

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So, I fiddled with the print entry override a bit because the friends userpic images were showing up funky in Opera. So, here's my edited bit:
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Components on Both Sides

Ok, I think I have the code fixed the best I can. I couldn't figure out how to make it *not* stretch the page out with the userpics on each entry. It works fine on every page but the recent entries page. So if you use this, you'll want to turn off the "userpics on recent page" option.

Also, you can still use your free_text components, but you can't choose which side they will go on. They will print under your profile, calendar, and links components. But for some reason I can't get the if_viewer_is_owner or whatever it is to work in the custom components in the new column. So I kept my "update journal" component in my free_text so I could still use that function.

To keep the navigation bar at the top, use this tutorial:

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editted to add... Sorry, kunzite1 I meant to put a thank you in here for helping me with the comp_header_open, comp_header_close, comp_footer things! That made it *so* much easier to do the components, Thank you so much :)


Is there anyway to combine the recent entry about 'componants on both sides', and the 'editing profile component' ? I tried it myself, but it didn't work very well :) Thanks for the help, in advance.

I figured it out, thanks! :)
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when clicking on a date in the calendar, it displays all the articles in their full format (not just subjects). Is there no way to do the same with memories?

I'm using memories as a 'subjects' filter. Is there another moethod which would display the results the same as date view?

Straight or Crooked?

Me, I'm crooked. *laughs* I made a funny. Anyway.. click here, if you are using anything other than Mozilla Firebird or Netscape (already checked them) .. and tell me if it looks straight and neat in your browser? I was playing with the componants. Thanks! :) Comment below if anything is off.
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