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however did you implement that splendid component for sending you a text message?
This tutorial is now obsolete and deprecated and several other similar words because LJ has made it very close to impossible to use custom forms for things like sending Text Messages, Inbox Messages and having custom Update forms. this code doesnt do exactly what i want it to, but, it works. if someone could alter it so that it does this that would be cool.
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This isn't a question about layers and such.. just a simple problem I think.
I have a layout created in S1 and just wanted to alternate between that and Component..
I can switch between the two no problem.. one hitch.. once in S2 I click on Edit Customizations and it just refreshes the page.
I can't enter the page to change colours.. my comment links.. nada.
Anyone know what is causing this?
Thank you.
Is it at all possible to get my layout to look similar to this site? I've been mainly dinking around so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated:)
For anyone here who has me on their AIM buddy list (GothBunny83), I've got a new screen name: PinkF1uffyBunni (and that is a number 1 after the F)... Just thought I'd let y'all know, in case anyone needs to reach me and I'm not on my old screen name.