December 28th, 2003

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  • damar

Countdown and Lost of style

I have two questions. Can anyone tell me how to make a component with a count down to a day?

The 2nd is more important. Evey time i go to the advance customize and look at any of the layers, all my custom work is lost. Any Ideas?
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alice curiouser [me]
  • savour

Image in the header


Back again :P

I've followed all the tutorials and read almost all of this community and everything is actually compiling with no errors ;)

I was just wondering if in my header above the entries (like the community has).. if I'm able to put an image there instead of text.

Can this be done with minimal damage to my mind? Thanks ;)
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  • guil

putting a counter in the recent entries page

Hi there!

I created a new component on my lj that has my nedstat counter in it (check it out at guil).

My problem is that now I have the counter showing up not only in the recent entries page, but also in the calendar pages and in the read/post comment pages...

Does anyone know of a good way that I can make this component show up only in the recent entries page?

Thanks a lot in advance! :)