January 1st, 2004

  • immorak


What is the code used to create icon links [edit, add to memories, etc.] at the bottom of entries similar to the ones on this community?
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Just a few more quickie questions

I'm completely determined to get the hang of this s2 component, haha.

Just a few more questions, then that will most likely be it for a long time.

1. The tutorial sort of confused me for putting an image above the entries.. what was that "clear" image for, will everything not work if I don't put that in there?

2. Is there a way to move the mood and music options to the top of the entry instead of at the bottom? Or am I just overlooking something again..

Thank you!
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help with title bar

i'm trying to set up a new community called lifefood. if you go there, you'll notice the journal's name is "Nutritional Healing". all is well, except i can't understand why the font appears too big for the title bar and the final "g" sticks out of the bar. i haven't even changed the font size in the customization pages. is there any way i can fix that? thanks in advance!