January 2nd, 2004


Minor revision to "modify profile component" tutorial.

I liked the profile component mods, but wanted to make them a bit prettier. I also provided URLs to the AIM and ICQ links that won't screw up anyone's hosting- aside from the AOL and ICQ sites.

This isn't well marked or commented, and is done here more because it was too long to make it a comment to liabunny's tutorial. Refer to that one, and this one should make sense.
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Over glasses

Horizontal scroll bar for the entries section?

DISCLAIMER: I know nothing about this stuff. So please keep that in mind when answering how to do it.

It occurred to me that if the section with the posts in it had a separate horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page, it would essentially solve the problem of large images in posts throwing off the look of Component, thus making it so all components stay put and do not scroll off the screen.

Or, better yet, can a post with large image or that span widely because of formatting - such as many of the posts here which contain code, be equipped with a scroll box of its own?

Is this possible? And how would one go about doing that?
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Alot of you use the "flatbox" style for your component- you know the look, the rounded-box that holds the component. Today, I was touching up my journal style, using that look in other places, and I discovered that I was doing a hellalot of cutting and pasting, and having miles of code to do one thing.

That annoyed me, so I made a small class that you can add to your journal style to shortcut that (and probably would make the tutorials alot easier to read if anyone wants to update those).

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Once you've got that class in your style, you can use it Collapse )

Also, in doing this, I learned that backing up your journal style is important... heh... almost had a big boo-boo.
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