January 8th, 2004

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I'm sorry everyone, I've gotten way behind on this community and adding tutorials to the list and replying to comments and such... the holidays were a bit hectic for me :p I'll try to get around to it soon... seems like I'm behind on everything I need to do lately. But I haven't forgotten about y'all or anything :)
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calendar component broken by postdating

hey guys. first, let me say that i love this community. you are all so helpful and nice! thanks for everything!

i had a question. i'm working on doesntdance, (my other lj) and i noticed something. originally, i had a postdated entry for 1/8/08 with a welcome message in it. i was having trouble with some other code, and i thought this might be interfering, so i deleted the postdated entry.

however, the calendar component still auto-defaults to january 2008! i can't find a way to get it to go back to january 2004, which is where i'd like it to be.

any suggestions?

thanks again!
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Two things...

First, I just want to say that this community has helped me extensively so far in all that I've tried. However, I've come up with a couple things that an hour of searching in here have not helped. Those things are...

1. I want to be able to set link colors independently for my navbar, my titlebar, my headers, etc. I think I have to setup a layout layer, but I don't know the code to use, nor can I find it. For the moment, I've set all my links to a temporary color so that I can see them all.

2. I have figured out how to tweak the headers for my components, but as far as doing similar tweaking to my titlebar and entry headers, I have no luck. I've been able attempting to use a combination of the print_my_entries and print_entry_header functions, and I've also defined a layer containing the code I want to use as my titlebar, but no further have I been able to go.

Any help anyone can give on either of these problems would be most appreciated!
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Fading Images

Just curious, but is there a way to use the script that lets u fade images out but on mouse over they fade in, i have the script but i have no idea where i would put it to make it function?

Word to the wise

If you have any function overrides in your user layers, please do *not* use the "Edit Customisations" buttom on the Customise page. When it saves, it will only save the properties you set within the wizard, and will wipe out your function overrides. So, If you want to edit the basic properties, use the advanced customisations area to edit the layer directly.

(I've had three different people tell me that this has happened to them lately, so I'm just forewarning everyone who doens't know about this. Personally I don't like putting function overrides in the user layer because of this.)

And some suggestions from kunzite1:

- Keep a local copy on your hard drive! ... edit in your text editor, save, copy and paste into the advanced customization center, compile. if errors, fix in the text editor, save again, re-compile. This way if it happens to erase because of something you did, you have a backup to restore it with.

- When you delete a style, it will also **delete the layers that were attached to it**. You need to edit the style, change the theme layer and user layer to blank, save the style, *then* delete the style.

I'm confused again!

Hi again,
I used this tutorial http://www.livejournal.com/community/component_help/67498.html
to create my layout, with components on both sides, but I realize that liabunny had to use some different codes in order for it to work. Suddenly my entries are showing up with a white background, and no matter what I do I cannot change it to black in my theme layer.
Also, how could I change the codes around in my user style to be able to put up the "random user pics". Can I do this?
This may be confusing.
Thanks for your help, I REALLY appreciate it.
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At wedding

Entry Icons on Recent Entries Page?

I was wondering what code/advanced customization I have to use, or if it is even possible, to add the Edit Entry/Add to Memories/Tell a Friend icons onto the Recent Entries page (the main page for the journal). I am pretty sure I have seen layouts that have them, I believe they go under each userpic for each entry.
metavlad is my journal. Any help would be appreciated.
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