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OK, I know someone helped me with this before and I have /tried/ to do it myself.. and its just not working. I'm trying to make boxes on the left side, under where it says sign my guestbook. I know those are free text but when attempting to add another it does nothing at all.

Here is the code in txt.
Ok, I think I'm caught up on adding tutorials to the list now (let me know if you come across some I've missed)... so ya might want to take a look at the list before posting questions — there were a ton of tutorials that hadn't been added. Sorry it took me so long to get around to it! :p
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
for some weird reason, my stylesheet with labeled properties entry got messed up. altered a couple thingies and now it displays properly. masterslacker was confused when he saw it, maybe if you see it now, you can get an idea of what in the world i was trying to do...
i have my navigation set to be in a component, not at the top

all of my stuff is transparent and works nicely, except that navigation component, i cannot get it to be transparent for the life of me.. Does anyone know how to fix/do that?
Maybe I'm missing something, but everytime I try to compile the update component I get an error:

error message behind cut tagCollapse )

Please help me out
I am sorry, maybe this is not the right place to ask this question but I couldn't find an answer anywhere.
What should I do if I want to enter some meta tags to my journal? Is it even possible as an option with LJ?
Thank you for your help, your work here is amazing and it helped me so much with my layout!
To anyone who's asked about why the tell-a-friend button has disappeared from the linkbars on the various pages:

It looks like LiveJournal has disabled the "tell a friend" feature. I'm not sure why, if it's permanent or temporary, if temporary when it'll be coming back. The only reference I've found to it being disabled is at