January 14th, 2004


comment pages

I know the system automatically threads comments after the number of comments reaches 50, but is there a way to override this? I hate having to click back and forth and would rather just have a really long page. This has been annoying me for awhile...
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boxes question

I know there's a way to put boxes on both sides of your entries; I'm still playing with the html. But… Is there a way to just have my Profile box show up on the left, and the free text boxes on the right (with entries of course in the middle).

On a side note, I've created the Component Review community, will let you know when it's up and running. componentreview.
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Hi...I was wondering how I might switch the order of the readlinks, so instead of "# of comments" divider "post comment", it could go "post comment" divider "# of comments"

thanks for your time :)
  • luis_mw

Over-riding picture widths

Is there any way of over-riding the width of pictures in friends view?

I have the APOD (Astronomy Picture of Day) feed in my friends view. Lately, they have been posting panoramic views from the Mars Lander, which are rather wide. SO, of course, the friends entries section gets very wide and the components disappear way off to the right. So, I either need to force the image to display a particular size, or force a maximum to the entries width.

Can I do this?