January 20th, 2004

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Background colors on friends' userpics

You know, in the "Manage Friends" section, how you can assign each friend a background color, and then their userpic has that background color? Well, I want those gone, or at least the ability to set the background color to transparent. Does anyone know what the property set keyword is to override those? Or do I have to create something new?

Thanks for any help.
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I hate to ask this question, since I know someone's going to embarass me with an incredibly simple answer. . . .

How do I make my background image fit my journal, no matter what screen resolution the viewer has?

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I have no problems with my code working, it's just getting the image to scale correctly. I dont know what exactly to insert, or where. It is possible, though, right?

Edit: Last night I was über tired, and didnt include the escape code, so that my code would actually display. That's been changed
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Link list opening in a new window

Links in the link list component are opening in the current window and I would like to open them in a new window. If possible, naming the target.
There is a code to do this or I need do customize all the component? ... ouch... is this the only solution? ok... how?