January 21st, 2004


Okay, so...this is cool, but...

I finally figured out how to make it so that my entries would 'scroll' horizontally when they would otherwise push the screen out. And at the same time make this behavior functional for a wide array of screen resolutions. (i.e., not pixel dependent.)

You can see this behavior here! (I'm rather proud of it. ;) http://livejournal.com/users/daimones/friends/syn

It's all my syndication stuff. If you've got a big screen and don't see what I'm blathering about, shrink your window...you should see it.

I don't promise this solution will work on all browsers either. It probably could be made to, but ah, the beauty of css.

So where was I.

Oh yes.

Technical details. The outer table declaration has table-layout:fixed;. The table declaration immediately outside of the entry also has this. This forces the widths of those two tables, the outside enforcing screen size, the inner enforcing the width/clip parameters (I think.) Then the entry is wrapped in a div...width:100%;overflow:auto;overflow-y:hidden;padding-bottom:17px; (hide the vertical scroll, pad the bottom the amount of pixels the scroll bar is so as to not clip the bottom) I just used the tutorials out there for customizing your entries and layout, nothing fancy, though I had to replace the print_content_top() to insert the css into that innermost table declaration.

Anyways, if anyone has an ideas, or improvements, I would love to have your feedback! Thanks!
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It seems everytime this question is asked it's either overlooked or ignored.

I know there's a tutorial for changing the navigation bar, but it involves adding images and major overhauls to the navigation bar.

Basically, all I'm looking to do is switch the order of buttons in my navigation bar (aka "go back", "user info", "friends", "recent entries" etc)

I'd assume it'd be fairly simplistic to just switch the order, but I have no idea where to begin.