January 22nd, 2004


Adding boxes

I'm an s2 newb.

I'm trying to figure out a way to add extra free text boxes where I can do straight html into like you could in s1.

So in my case, I want to add some small banners and other random stuff in another box (= free text is a box, link list is a box) below the right side link list.

Can anyone help me?
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userpic keywords

here is a nifty post in s2styles posted by wrenlet asking about userpic keywords. cmshaw commented stating that there is a hash variable Comment.metadata{"picture_keyword"} in which it is stored... *posts and runs to the core layer specs*
edit: after doing some poking around print_entry() it didnt work with $e.metadata{"picture_keyword"} ... maybe its specific to comments only... i pose this as a challenge to those interested... im lost... hey mike, wanna give it a try? :)
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