January 28th, 2004

bluebells in woods/England

line pattern in background

I have lost the fine lines in the background of component. It was gone, then when I did a customized theme to add component boxes on the side, it returned. Now that I have added a picture on top of the navigation bar, the lines have disappeared again.

I kinda liked them, can I get them back?

Many thanks!

del this entry if necessary

how can we make people read the thingy at the top of the recent view? ... ?'s about why cant i see component as an available option (paid accounts only)... how do i get more free text boxes? (check the tutorials) ... i always seem to get annoyed in the morning... *goes back to bed* ... Collapse )
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Hmm. I just discovered the hard way that LJ doesn't let you do <iframe>s. I'd written a quick PHP/MySQL tagboard for my journal, and now I've got no easy way to insert it.

So I hacked up this quick and dirty fix for the solution.

Every time a tagboard entry is posted, I have a script on my local machine that takes a local copy of the layer, with a line marked "INSERTTAGTEXTHERE", strips out that line, replaces it with the tagboard text, then sends the layer to the LJ server to compile (logging in if necessary).

The script is written in PHP, and uses MySQL to store the tagboard entries.

See this post for source code (as HTML for easy viewing, or in .zip or .tar.gz for actual use) and instructions.
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