February 1st, 2004

maestro kitty
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user icons on each entry

hi, i checked out the "customising your entries" post, but i just got confused. All I want is for my user icons to be visible for each entry on my recent entries page.

could someone PLEASE give me a hand?? pretty please?

an idea about leaving comments

those of you helping other people with their component stuff, here's some things to think about and consider before commenting on a post. these are just my opinions. you may agree or disagree with any or all of them. im interested in your input.

you should state whether or not the method that you are suggesting is using advanced customization (layers) or normal customization (wizard). if you are stating both ways, state the advanced way first ("this is what you do if you are using layers...") followed by the normal way ("this is what you do if you are using the form..."). clearly mark which method you are suggesting. reasons as to why this specificness must be stated can be found in this entry by masterslacker and myself. for those of you who have been having issues and yelling at your computer cuz nothing is working, this entry could be for you.

this post was inspired by this entry and this comment. one thing people also should do to get an idea if someone is using advanced customizations or not is to actually view their journal and see if theres stuff in the layout thats different from the default. now, i dont mean to sound like im picking one the two people who left that entry and comment... just helping out...
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(no subject)

Idea: One of you more-brilliant-than-I guys should write a tutorial giving the best order in which to put various hacks for Component. :)

Like, you have to define classes before anything else, but after you declare the layer. You have to override the stylesheet or custom_head before anything else, but after the flatbox.

Just a list of what has to come in what order if you're going to use it. :)
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