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I've been having some...really weird problems with my journal and I was wondering if I could get some help. I recently changed my journal to have components on both sides, and put scroll bars in each of my entries, and the entries on my friends pages. It's compiling fine but I'm getting some really random stuff.

If you look at my recent entries page the entries are all the same size, but the very top heading is longer. How do I make them both the same size? My friends page has a sort of similar problem but along with the header being longer than the entries, the entries are also too wide, but if there isn't a scroll bar for that entry it makes it even wider, with that entry's header staying the right size.

I also have a random < hanging out in each of my entries. I've looked and I can't find it. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
Hey guys, I was wondering if it was possible to have two background images on the enteries page? I'd love to know how to do it. Thanks!