February 7th, 2004

Pink Cigarette


Okay this is about the override, here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/component_help/63316.html

I love this... and I think it is so useful in my friends page, however for my own entries, I don't like reading my entries in the day view, with the scroll. I type long entries, or when I post photos, behind the cut the scroll is still there and I am sure that it is annoying to my friends and etc. So is it possible to edit this so that the scrool applies to my friends page so that way when I want to read the entry on a view of its own, I just clikc on the link?

On another note. I want to print some of my entries out. However I dont want the comments at the bottom of them attached. Is there a way to view an entry without the comments? Thanks guys.