February 8th, 2004

Scrolling up and down inside of a component!

Hi everybody! :D I'm really happy to be a member of this cool comunity and thanx everybody for the nice work and ideas and instructions you gave me to create my lj!

I'm still at the beginning tho eheheh and I'm pretty dork trying to understand some difficult things yet :P

this is my request of help:

as you can see in my lj i have the "my own chart top 5" component... i'd like to know how can i put all the 20 positions of my chart, but still displaying only the last 5... scrolling up & down with a bar that must be inside of the component itself, to make the other 15 positions appear... you know what I mean?

I saw this in some LJs... and I dunno which is the thing i have to edit to make it possible in my lj as well

hope i've been clear with my english!

thanx in advance :)
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