February 17th, 2004

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I can't seem to use certain javascripts in my custom components?

I'm trying to add the following code:

#script src='http://blogsnob.simpleads.net/ad/10907' type='text/javascript'# blogsnob. show off your websites. http://blogsnob.simpleads.net#/script#

but it will only show the component box and title and nothing inside?

Code from www.blogpoll.com or www.bravenet.com won't show up either after its compiled but scripts from botablog.com work? Whats goin on?

PS- Replace the # with the appropriate < or >
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A little help please!!

whats up guys!! I am in need of some help.. por favor.. I got most of my components to become transparent.. The only problem is that my LJ icon, my aim icon, and other little thingy icons are all transparent as well.. How do I make it so that my Icons arent transparent but the rest is?? I hope that makes sense..
Secondly everytime I go to add another component it takes away my Search LJ component. What am I doing wrong??
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