February 18th, 2004

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I know there have been questions on how to add new links and such to the top Navigational bar, but all I want to know is an easy way to change the color of the links. I would like for them to be the same color as my entry background. I have tried overriding the style sheet by using this:

.header a { color: #C2D4E0; !important }
.header-item { color: #C2D4E0; !important }
.header-item a { color: #C2D4E0; !important }
.headerLinks { color: #C2D4E0; !important }
.headerLinks a { color: #C2D4E0; !important }

And nothing happened at all. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. :)

I'm just stupid

Seriously i thought i had some common sense and i could figure this out on my own, but i can't! lol I wanted to know how to make a componet so that everything fit's in the header without have the test area, like the 1st componet box on this site!

Sorry for being this dumb!

A silly question, probably

I just switched over to the S2 style, and thusly Component (otherwise I wouldn't be here, ?right?).
My ridiculous question of the day: ?How might I change the default font on my LJ to the Papyrus font? There's probably an obvious answer, but my patience with my own abilities is fading.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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i just got a paid account like a month ago, and i have no clue what to do with it. i got a style from the community cherrystyles and now i'm just at a loss of what to do. i keep messing up the %%currents%% thingy, and my comments are in a funny place, and i just can't figure out how to change anything the right way. i need a lot of help, is anyone willing to baby me through this?

i will love you forever...
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title bar help!

i am trying to just completely remove the title bar from my journal. i looked through the tutorial about modifying the title bar, but when i tried playing around with the code and removed it, it pushed all my components down to the bottom (below my entries). how do i do this correctly so it doesn't change everything else?