February 21st, 2004

Super Sima

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Hey everybody, I want to say that so far this community has been really helpful and I've learned so much about S2 and component in here. But I need some more help. I set transperency for my journal but now there are empty spaces in the component. [see marshallbmdaiii and look at the empty spaces in the entry components as well as side components.]

If this is something that can't be changed then just drop me a line explaining that. But if it can be fixed help would be greatly appreciated. I also tried to add music to my journal but I couldn't get it to work, either that or I just can't hear it when I access my journal.

Thanks in advance --Sima
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Quick Heads Up

Those of you who are encountering a sudden influx of images that look like this (i.e. the "memadd" icon) on your Recent Entries pages in component, it looks to be because a default value has switched from "no" to "yes" in the 'advanced customization' of the base layer.

In order to make them go away again, the simple way:
Go to manage -> customize; hit the button marked "Edit Customizations", then head to 'presentation' -> and set "Enable Recent View icons" to "no" rather than the current "yes."

Someone will be along later [it might be me if I wake up soon enough] with instructions for turning them off from within a user layer or style, but right now I'm too sleepy.
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(no subject)

anyone that is familiar with the Disjointed style on S1 will hopefully understand what i am looking to do.

i was wondering about two things:
1) do you think there is a way to make your userpic link to your userpic page?


2) is there a way to make the profile link in the nav bar go to the full profile?

i'm all about the insignificant changes, i guess, and i really don't know where to begin in trying to change these things.