February 27th, 2004

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I've been working on getting backgrounds added to parts of my journal, specificly the entry space, and the components. I was having trouble with the entry areas, and because I had already overridden the entry areas by use of masterslacker's tutorial, I was able to get in there to fix the problems with the tables to make it so the background images weren't showing up completely when applied to the entry areas.

However, I'm encountering the same problem with my components, and I do not know how to override the print_comp_header and print_comp_footer. If someone could help me with that, it'd be great. Thanks!

ps. Is it just me, or does the page summary box break if one does not have comments? Is there an if/else statement that can be added or something, to make it go away if there are no comments? Or to put in a piece of nonsense text if there are no entries?

ps. Anyone popping by my LJ to see what I'm talking about... well, the problem with the components doesn't seem to pop up in IE. However, IE sucks because it won't cooperate with nifty things like translucency (how I was doing the flames until I decided that I have too many LJ friends who still use IE for some stupid reason for another), and it doesn't use the fixed background property correctly when it's applied to divs and table cells and other such things.... so it looks fairly funky in IE. However, it's readable so I'm not going to change it since it just looks so nifty in a real browser like Mozilla, Firefox or other standards compliant browsers.
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Questions: (as if I didn't have enough)

Here's my theme-layer.

Right now I'm wondering why, even thought it's specified as such in my stylesheet, the nav bar isn't centered.

I'm also wondering how I can get rid of the tiny margins that exist on the left hand components only. It's something in the style sheet, but i'm not sure what.
--EDIT: The sideHeader you cna customize so those components have a different colored header than the journal entry ones. Is there any way to have the side-compBG have their own margins?

Any ideas?
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Friends Page Error

Whenver I try to view my friends page, I get this error:

Error running style: Died in S2::run_code running FriendsPage::print(): Can't use string ("0") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at (eval 248) line 1466, line 30.

This started happening right after I took out the code for the custom title bar.

Does anyone know what went wrong or how I can fix this?

This stopped happening as soon as I took out the custom entries (special/announcement) code.
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run the fuck away

A thought...

Just something I was thinking about, perhaps we might want to start labelling tutorials with a difficulty level?

Like if it's a simple Copy+Paste job, we could label it as simple. If you're going to need some knowledge of HTML and some S2 knowledge, it could me regular, and if the code won't work without some effort and a decent understanding of both HTML and S2, it could get listed as complex?

Just something so that people know what they're getting into before they break their style.

Locating Reasons For LJ Behavior

I recently went through my entire stylesheet override and figured out that somehow in the following:

#.compBg {
#background-color: $*comp_bgcolor; // component background color
#filter:alpha(opacity=70); -moz-opacity:0.70;

I have my transparency within components and entries toggled on and off (depending whether or not I uncomment this portion)
But more importantly, when I uncomment it, making it active, i have completely transparent portions under the userpic 'column'. It's not a semitransparent green like the rest of the components, just completely transparent, showing the textured background.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening with this portion?
Any ideas what I do add (probably), or remove to fix it?

Oh well, now it's not happening. That's screwy. Onto more screwy things with my LJ.
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