February 28th, 2004


Temporary Ending Point For My Tirades

Recently I have been posting like crazy with different remarks regarding my LiveJournal's theme layer. Usually these have been involving the stylesheet override, which I finally got working with print_custom_head WHOOO! Right now I have a few outlaying issues, they're not too big, but if anyone would liketo help I would grealy appreciate it.

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Ending Questions:

  • Does anyone know of a 'S2 Component StyleSheet Showcase' type of community? Where people say, 'hey guys I got this cool effect on my livejournal and here's what I modified in order to do it!' ?
  • Should I be defining things that aren't necessarily working *like the hover-links* with a CLASS="blah blah" section?
  • Where's a really good comprehensive CSS site to learn from? I'd like to learn how to modify all kinds of stuff, but I'm kinda what you could call an 'advanced-beginner'. Eh, maybe i'll just flounder along.
  • Has anyone come up with any good modifications of the 'summary' component? I'm tempted to go back to it, yes I've toggled in the short while it's been out. Oh well, no biggie.

All in all the intent of this post was to help rectify/condense some of my more recent *rantings to c_h for help*. I realize that repeated indescript posts begging for assistance aren't the best idea and I figured this might be a little more polite and consequently maybe even generate some feedback. Thanks for your time, and I hope you might feel compelled to offer forth some help, or at the very least little 'look what I did with my LJ' snippets that you are proud of.

Adios Amigos,
Thomas Jackson
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