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anyone know what the hold up for s2themes is?

I wanna know who won (officially) and what the new theme is.

but since it hasn't been announced, feel free to go vote if you haven't.

::flees from angry moderators everywhere::
Well poop.

I've got components on both sides, at least on my main page on my custom filter-friends pages, I do not.

However, the recent page, will not resize well, there's no real wide image or something that's clogging the entries and forcing the right side components over, so I'm not quite sure what's causing that. The only things I have been messing with since this happened are within my user layer. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me figure out why this suddenly occurs.
can someone explain what the hell these do?... they're damn everywhere in the tutorials and I'd like to understand why, cuz I'm working on changing entry layout..

img src="" width="1" height="1" alt="" border="0"
one) How do I change my cursor to a green crosshair?

2) How do I make a scroll down journal and pictures for my comments?

3) how do you have an infor box under the title/subtitle?
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
Would anyone mind telling me how to make the scroll bar on my entries match my journal? And where exactly I'd put it in my layers? I tried taking parts from this tutorial but everywhere I put the code for the scroll bar seems to be wrong.

Thanks :)
I can't figure how why this is displaying everything ok, except for the bottom row of the comments|entry link|buttons, and on that row it screws up the rest of my LJ, anyone got any insights? I'm not sure it would have anything to do with my components-on-both-sides function, because that's running ok, when I don't modify this. However I would like to get tihs working... so if you don't mind, can someone check out my code? If you want I can put the whole damn broken layer up...
EDIT: Screw it, when I did finally get the layer almost displaying accurately, I didn't like it. So now, i'm gonna try something else, and if I get stuck, I'll post it instead. But thanks for all the insights. I'll keep this here, just in case someone has some questions that might almost relate to this.

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