March 9th, 2004

spooky disappearing line

Hi all. So recently I added pictures to the top of my lj per the nifty "graphics above entries" (w/ help from chsllama, too). So the images wouldn't be flush with the top, and because I didn't want the tiled row at the bottom, I left off some of the tutorial and just added a top row with the 'clear.gif' as a cell.

Layout sorted. But when I refresh the page, I get this little line between the pics and the component/entries area. Scroll down, line disappears. Refresh, line reappears. And so on.

Now, myself, I love that it disappears. I love it so much that I'd love it never to appear, period. Anybody have any idea what's going on?
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Long load time.

Hey everyone, I finally decided to try S2, and I finally got everything in my journal where I want it, but anytime I load my journal, my browser (IE) takes forever to load it.  It makes my computer go crazy, especially if I'm trying to load my journal and my friends page at the same time.  I've had to "End Task" on IE quite a few times because of this.  I can't imagine what's causing the problem; anyone have a clue? 

Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. <3


I'm guessing...

there's no way to access/search an array of 'user names that have responded to a post' via script easily is there?

*goes back to trying to figure out a way to flag posts in his friends page that he's responded to*