March 13th, 2004

lj cut in component.

is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that using lj-cut in component works differently than other styles? it seems that when you click the link text, it takes you to the single entry page, at the top of the entry. in other styles, it takes you to the text right after the cut.

is this happening, or is it just a general lj retardationism thing, or am i just crazy?

(no subject)

is there a way to set the entry background color to "clear" or "transparnt" so as to see the background image? i like the component layout and don't really want to change, but would really like to put a background image... and actually be able to see it.



This is probably o/t, but why are these the only choices for smilies when posting a reply? Shouldn't there be more and higher quality ones? They end up making my page look kinda crappy when somebody actually chooses to use them. Is there a way to disallow folks from using them (at least til lj chooses some better ones)?