March 19th, 2004

Looking down at you!

Two questions for you...

Hello everyone, I had a couple of questions... I'd like to take a minute to thank kunzite1 for trying his best to help me with this, and for helping me with everything else.

Ok, so on to my questions :P

I know iframes aren't allowed, but I'd like to know if there is a code to use on LJ that works just like an iframe. Here is what I had in mind... I want to be able to code a small page with some music codes and host it on my site (where javaSCRIPT is allowed) and then iframe it in a seperate component, is this possible?

Second question is... how would I go about changing my scrollbars? (got this working)

Thanks in advance :)

pictures as links border

hmm... is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when images are used as links the border around them isn't the same color as what you set for the 'links' in the color scheme area? when I use an image as a link the border is purple. which is a color I don't have set anywhere in my scheme. any thoughts on how to fix this?
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Searching by Userinfo information (Multisearch)

Would you like to search for someone based on an Instant Messenger contact? Or how about a quick way to get to someone's userinfo page without having to type a url? Then here's a search form which was taken off of the normal LiveJournal pages (such as at the top of your Userinfo page). You can embed this form in a free text box on your layout for a quick easy way of jumping to a userinfo page or finding the identity of someone who IMs you.

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