April 3rd, 2004


modifying friends view time display

Hi everyone. I was wondering if there exists any way to modify the time displayed in my friends view so that it displays it according to my timezone.

For example: a friend posts an entry @ 3 PM where she is, but instead of saying 3 PM on my friends view it says whatever time it was in my timezone.

Am I making any sense?

And if it's do-able, can it also be made that it shows their time and also mine?

For example: said friend posts at 3 PM but in my friends view it displays "local time: 3 PM - my time: X PM on April 3rd, 2004"

Thanks in advance!
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Okay im A Dumbass

Can someone just write out a scroll down journal layer beause everytime i try I do not understand the error even thoiugh the guy helps me. so can soemone please just write out a layer for a scroll doiwn journal with my color screen and for components on the right.
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