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I've lost 2 judges due to circumstances on componentreview, so I am shamelessly soliciting volunteers. It's an easy job, not a real busy forum. I'm not techo-versed enough to do it myself. Drop on by and let me know if you'd be interested. The main qualifications are a working knowledge of the Component language/code structure, ability to judge a wide variety of technical/look, and a sense of humor. Thanks in advance for anyone who responds.

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Hi everyone.

I was wondering if there was anyway that I could force a 100 px * 100 px box around the user icons on my friends page. Many of my friends have user icons that vary in size, which kind of deforms my layout (pushing the entry boxes from their place). I want a box that surrounds the user icons, but the picture remains in the center (without getting stretched).

Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance!
HI i am pretty new to this scene but one thing i have noticed is that alot my fellow lj user ppl could not have "pretty" ljs without all of you people who deal with us "stupid" ppl so i thank you! now the the issues

I have quickly discovered lj doesnt like you if you try to add more than one background image. I have a image before my entries at the top and i cant seem to get a background image as well.(one or the other it appears) I was also woundering if theres a way to put an image as a background in each componet box

i am sOOOO sorry if this has been delt with by a fellow stupid lj person i look and searched and had angry shouts with the ciomputer and i didnt find it so if you could help me LOVE YOU! if you cant its okay i still kinda love you but not as much and if you can direct me to where this has already been adressed hugsN kisses! lol le sigh thanks!
-just a girl..lost in html..find me?!