April 6th, 2004


Background Image Troubles

1. Thanks to everyone in this great community, I have spent the past 5 days combing through every single entry and playing with my LJ layouts... whee! I've been having so much fun! You are all so awesome for helping the rest of us with all of these little pieces of codes for overrides...

2. My problem: Once I started implementing a style sheet and other overrides, I lost my background image. I've tried every which way to check to see what the problem is, but I'm not sure. I took out all the background specification stuff in the body part of the style sheet, and even in those "set" commands... and I still can't get anything to trigger the background (even the default one) to come up. Can anybody help me with this?
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I've been recently messing with my positioning of stuff within the entry override function...

however, here... in my friends page ... i've come across a problem

Lots of people don't post BOTH the mood & music, if either of them at all, so i'm wondering what you guys suggest I do to .... busy up ... that blank space to the right of the userpic...

any ideas?
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run the fuck away

Advanced Edit Page

I'm just wondering, the past few days I've been trying to make some changes to my style, and every time I hit "compile", I get a proxy error telling me that the POST request couldn't be completed because the document contained no data.

Has anyone been getting this? I thought it was transient, but it hasn't gone away.
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again me...yeah.

Can someone just write out a scroll down journal layer beause everytime i try I do not understand the error even thoiugh the guy helps me. so can soemone please just write out a layer for a scroll doiwn journal with my color screen and for components on the right.

it's just that alot have given me the tutorial but i don't understand it..everytime i get an error i can tell what i've done so could SOMEONE please help.
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  • benx5


I want to remove all borders from the component. In fact any sign of the existence of any border anywhere. Is this possible without writing the damn thing from scratch.

Love you all Thank You