April 12th, 2004

Random Quote Component

This is an updated version of the original Random Quote code which can be found HERE. I have decided to update it to fix the corner colours, allow for titles, give a choice of all rounded component or normal component, and making adjustments to the style of the quote. Hopefully this would also make it much easier for others who wish to play with the way it prints.

If you already have your random quote working you don't need to change it. However if you are having problems with it and would like to change it somehow, I recommend you try the following.

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Random brick walls

Hello there good people!

I've been looking through this place for the past couple of days, messing around with my journal (wheee!), but I've hit a few snags, and hope maybe you can help me. I've tried looking for solutions to these in earlier entries and tutorials, but no luck...

1: I managed to create a random quote component, using this code. I figured out how to get rid of the italics and bold print, and even managed to make it scroll, but the component itself still looks a bit wonky.

The corners and background don't look as they should, and I have no idea what parts of the code fix that.

2: I managed to put a header on my other journal, but I want to get rid of the title bar, and the space between the entry component and the image header is too wide.

3: I've been trying to get components on both sides, (following this tutorial) but so far, no luck. After two days of trial and error, I got as far as actually getting one free text component on the other side, but any text I tried to alter in in just wound up somehwere at random on my journal (it became a "where's waldo" type search for some wayward text bit at one point...) so I gave that up for now.

I'm certain in most cases this is an issue of me just not knowing what parts of the code to alter, or where to exactly put things. What I've managed to accomplish so far is more of a trial and error thing than actually knowing what I'm doing....

Hope you can help :)

- Bimma
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