April 15th, 2004

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ok so - i fixed my links on my day and friends pages so they show up how i want them - with modified text and no brackets or other text - but i can't remember how i got it that way, and i deleted and undeleted my journal and now that calendar page is showing up wrong. it also has a too-thick top bar in the header box. does someone want to take a look and tell me how to fix this? thanks, xxx j.

customizing comments

Is there any way to create new info categories for comments aside from the usual, ie. subject, username, comment... such as Screenname, ICQ#, Email, URL, etc. without requiring the poster to write HTML within the comment?
stock ll penguins can't fly

how do I

get an image above my whole journal? like

my navigation bar...then an image then my scroll journal and components? or image then header and journal? how?
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More brick walls....

Yeah, it's me again.

Since my last post, I've managed to fiddle around a bit more with things, and the scrolling text random component has been sorted. (thanks for the help! :) )

However, I've made further attempt to put components on both sides, without any luck. Now, when I change my settings to put the components on the right, they still sit on the left, nothing changes.

Another alternative was to change the width of my journal entries, but if I change it like commented here, my entry just becomes a narrow starnd of text, but my entryHolder remaisn the same,

And I'm still trying to get rid of the global header in my bimma journal, if anyone knows how I can manage that?

Thanks is advance
- Bimma
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