April 21st, 2004

  • gr8cw

One more question...

How do you add those awesome components on the side...like log in & weather & LJ links? Do you have to know a lot about HTML?
I want to add some random quotes too but some of my own.

Please excuse me if this has been asked before!
Cartoon Me

I'm not sure what happened

I don't remember changing anything, but all of a sudden I've got my free text component coming up twice in my side bar. If I turn it off in the customization area, I lose both boxes. I really only want one. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Aya - burst

Comment Link

Okay, so here's my problem:

Right now I *want* my comment links to say either '1 Star' or '# Stars', so I customized it to:

1 Star // # Stars

No matter how many comments I actually have (if I have any), it always says '1 Star'.

Please help; this is extremely frustrating to me. Thanks in advance. :)
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Component width

Help again....
I'm trying to alter the width of my components so they don't take up the *entire* screen, but when I do the

the entries themselves narrow down to a thin line, the entry holder itself remains the same, like you can see here.

Anyone have any idea what I'm missing?
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Where are the codes for changing color information on the components and things, without having to change the colors manually (meaning switching to new ones), so that I can just do quick and easy layout changes?

Like link changes and stuff.

Also, is it possible to change the colors of the scrollbar? Am I able to use CSS?