April 25th, 2004

Friends Only banner disappeared....

Help! I see the coding still intact but my friends only banner has disappeared from my journal....I still get errors when I try to put the control panel coding in too, see entry below! I am about ready to cry....It's been a rough day and to be honest this coding is not the easiest in the world....
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Nav Bar

Hello, first time poster. I'm (trying) to do a layout for a friend, and never having done most of this before, I'm a little lost. Basically, my knowledge consists of copying other codes and poking them for a while. My friend wants the components stationary, while the entries can scroll. I managed to achieve that here. However, this makes the nav bar disappear. He would prefer the nav bar up top rather than in a component. Is there any way to do this?

Also, if anyone sees anything that may be wrong in my code, could you please point it out? It's messy.

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No matter how many comments I get, my journal always says "0 Comments" does anyone know why? How can I fix it?

Also, how do I chage the "# of Comments" and "Leave a comment."