April 26th, 2004

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On my most recent entries page my icons have a grey border but on the friends they have a solid black one how can I get rid of this?


I have tried the code to get rid of both borders but it doesnt work.
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help, i have been at this alll morning!!!

i am trying to combine the code for putting components on both sides with a code for the full update component. is this wrong? i have tried to put them seperate even, and i have tried to make it a seperate free text thingy, and i dunno what i am doin wrong, i keep getting the same error... please help


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Alt function in entry icons

Hi. I posted here awhile back, asking if it would be possible to see the keywords when you hover above the icons used in comments. I received the very kind help of masterslacker and I truly appreciated that.

However, I'm now wondering if anyone would know how to achieve that same effect on the entry icons. I was told it couldn't be done on S2, but if you look at this entry, for example, you'll see that hovering above the icon used for the entry itself does allow you to see the keyword. And that's an S2 style based off of Opal.

I'd be truly grateful for any suggestions.

Thank you!
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