May 3rd, 2004

Thought Control

No more screwy friends pages.

First off: this is based off of this tutorial and his code, so this guy gets most of the credit. I just modded the code to do what I wanted, but thought some of you might find this nifty nonetheless.

You know how every so often, somebody will post a huge picture or a long link, and it screws your friends page up by making it scroll horizontally? Yeah, that bugs me, badly.

What this code does is make any of these posts that would screw up your layout have scrollbars on them, so that you can manually scroll over in the post box at your leisure. Normal posts that wouldn't affect your layout do not have these scrollbars.

here... scroll to the second entry from the top.)

With the exception of one line, this is completely ready to copy+paste. Look for this line:

"""<td width="100%" valign="top"><div style="overflow:auto;width:660px;">""";

....and change the 660 to whatever you desire. This number basically says "if a picture / link is bigger than this, put up the scrollboxes", so base it off your own layout.
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Add to Memories/Edit Links

I've used a combination of several codes on my livejournal and I love them all, but I've lost my Edit/Add Memory links. I found a tutorial that had them included, but it moved them to below the comments bar. How can I get them back up beside my userpic in each entry? And the permalink (I think that's what it's called)?
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