May 7th, 2004

furball - huh?

stylesheet question - transparent issue


I'm relatively new to the S2 system but have tried to do sort of a crash course in the last week to convert my journal over.

The thing I've having a problem with is my link color is the same as the "tabBg" color (due to my color scheme). I managed to set the navigation bar at the top to transparent, using the stylesheet. Copied a friend's code (with her permission) into a custom theme layer:
.header {
background-image: url("");
background-repeat: repeat-x;
height: 25px;

Now I would like to do the same thing with the code at the bottom of the page where it has "previous" and "next" navigation (in the recent and friends views). I can not simply change the tabBg color, as I do want the rest of the headers to appear as they do. I just want to change that one particular spot.

Where/how can I tell it to use a different div class for that particular spot? I just don't see where to edit it.

Thanks in advance.
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user pictures

I'm sorry if this is a repeat post; I looked and couldn't find anything related (but if there is, please point me in the right direction!).

I was playing around with the printing of entries, and I was trying to get my user icons (and all friend/community info) to show up actually in the entry text, aligned at the top right (actually, I'd really like to cut a chunk out of the entry text box and put the icon on the upper right without it being in the text, but that's another story).

Can anyone help out? My journal is in a very sad state at the moment. :\

What should I be on the lookout for?

Hello everyone,

Right now I've been churning away at various modifications of my livejournal. Many of which I have had in mind for quite a while, or just suddenly dawned on my while I was in the writing process. Right now I'm thinking of doing something that to me will be remarkably different and more difficult. Primarily this is because in the past I was simply integrating the ideas of other people and bits of sample code into my LiveJournal while modifying it to my own tastes along the way. This time, I will be writing something pretty much on my own, granted I'm going to take bits and pieces from various tutorials found on here, but nonetheless it presents itself as a challenge to me. This brings about the point of this whole post. I am about to present my idea to you, I know it's already been under consideration somewhat through xevinx's test account, but the point of this presentation is twofold.

  1. Has this been done in anyone's journal before...? Have parts of it been done? Do you have any little snippets of code that might be helpful so I can steal/borrow them?
  2. What parts of this idea do you see that could be horrendously tought to get past or possible walls that make this sort of modification impossible?

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That's about all I've considered so far, I haven't actually started writing this, but I'm point you guys back to my main two questions, please answer them or provide your own comments, thank you much.

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Clock in Profile code

Hi everyone, at the request of niteshayd, here is the code to insert kunzite1's Clock code in your modified profile component. Basically 49% is his, 49% is from whoever did the modified profile code, and 2% is mine. ^_^

This is the prettied up, more efficient, and hopefully final version of the code. Thanks to kunzite1's suggestions it's now less complicated for beginners to just copy/paste the damn thing, with minimal modifications from your part. You can only edit the stuff in red at the top! ^_^ Enjoy!

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quick question

what's the variable name for how many comments have been posted to an entry?

what's the X's variable name?

I'm trying to rewrite the way the comments are displayed in the 'customizing your entries' tutorial, so I can easily post/explain this GuestBook tutorial i'm working on.
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