May 11th, 2004


I couldn't seem to find this anywhere... Maybe I just missed it, if so just point me in the right direction but... My components are repeating and I don't know why... check out my journal to see what I mean!
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New member here, just joined - and I suppose the first thing I want to do is thank everyone on the community for all their help (I've been mucking about with my custom layer constantly almost all day, going between here and a CSS help page!) and nice, easy to follow tutorials - so, thanks!

Next thing, a question:
Whenever I allow my individual icons to show up by the entries on my Recent Page, it always makes the page a lot bigger - I then need to scroll to the right to see everything.
Is there any way of either narrowing the text box in entries or embedding the icon in the text box so I can avoid this?
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posting again

Posted this before, but didn't get a response - hopefully someone will be able to help this time.


I'm relatively new to the S2 system but have tried to do sort of a crash course in the last week to convert my journal over.

The thing I've having a problem with is my link color is the same as the "tabBg" color (due to my color scheme). I managed to set the navigation bar at the top to transparent, using the stylesheet. Copied a friend's code (with her permission) into a custom theme layer:
.header {
background-image: url("");
background-repeat: repeat-x;
height: 25px;

Now I would like to do the same thing with the code at the bottom of the page where it has "previous" and "next" navigation (in the recent and friends views). I can not simply change the tabBg color, as I do want the rest of the headers to appear as they do. I just want to change that one particular spot.

Where/how can I tell it to use a different div class for that particular spot? I just don't see where to edit it.

Thanks in advance.
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How To Customize The Look Of Your Entries [Practical Application - GuestBook]

How To Customize The Look Of Your Entries [Practical Application - GuestBook]

Within a couple of threads in this community as well as a few that have occurred ontjackson, I have been asked about my GuestBook. Specifically I have been asked how I got it working. I have also been asked how I got my todo list working as well.

Basically these have both stemmed from the same modification. With the help of masterslacker and kunzite1, I was able to make different looking entries for the specific instances of my To-Do List and GuestBook. How you make ask, did I do that? I wasn't going to ask that. </get smart joke> I did that through the following.

Stolen Disclaimer From masterslacker: If you've used this 'Different Kind of Entries' tutorial on making different kinds of entries for announcements etc., then the following code should still work as it is overriding the Component::print_entry function, which the previously mentioned tutorial uses. I'm assuming that you are familiar with creating your own layers and understand what overriding functions accomplish. If you don't, a good place to start is here with the 'Additional Component Customization' tutorial.

[Updated: 12:07 CST May 12th 2004] - See tjackson's replies to masterslacker's comments

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Hi, I'm new here, and I was hoping to find some component experts to help me out.

Here's the thing. I want to add extra free text boxes, for text, icon display, etc. I want to make my extra components like the ones here, or here.

I know this topic has been covered in the FAQ/memories section, but I'm kind of HTML/CSS illiterate, so if someone would be kind enough to maybe post the code, with comments on what I type/add/change to what and where?

Thank you so, so much. Help is much appreciated. :)
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