May 12th, 2004


Time Sorting

This is getting kinda irritating...

on my feeds friends view ...

There's posts that say they are at 8:00 am, displaying after posts that say they are at 2:03pm. Considering, at the time of post here, Central Illinois, it's 10:45am. That doesn't make much sense.

Is there any way to have a 'filter' put in my entry override that converts these posts to my timezone, like I did for the update component?

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Birthdays component

Here goes: I've been wondering if there are any special server functions such as $p.time.min/hour/day/year that will display
a)A list of your friend's usernames.
b)Their birthdays.

The idea behind this is to create a component which contains all of my friend's birthdays, listed as you can see in my journal. The one I have I've basically constructed it manually and have to update it myself everytime I add a new friend, or whenever a friend's birthday comes.

Any ideas?
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