May 13th, 2004

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Hi. I just have a quick question, and then I'll be out of your hair.

I was wondering if there was any way to squish the entry text boxes and align them on the left. If you look at my journal, you can see that the text runs over the image, and I kinda wanted to change that if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Recreating/Restoring the Navigation Bar

Have you used a tutorial that makes you override the page_layout() function and hence have lost the ability to have your Navigation Bar? That includes the Graphics Above Entries, Components on Both Sides and Scrolling Entries Section tutorials? Then here's some code that you can incorporate into your page_layout() function to recreate the Navigation Bar along the top including Previous and Next links for the various pages.

The code I've given below is a complete page_layout() function which I've taken primarily from the Graphics Above Entries tutorial and added in the code responsible for printing the navigation bar, which can be seen in blue. To recreate the navigation bar in your own function, you only need to copy the blue section of the code and place it after the <body> tag as seen in the tutorial.

If you're getting compile problems on the if statement line, remember that you need to close the html output before it by placing a """; after the <body> tag as shown. You might also need to reopen html output by placing a """ directly after the blue code as shown in front the <div> tag.

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Customizing the calendar

Hiya guys

I'm looking to customize my calendar following this tutorial, but that only tells how to do so by typing up the entire stylesheet, instead of just adding things to it like we've been doing for the most part.

Any chance any of you coding wizards out there know how to accomplish that? :)
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ugly nav bar

Hi everyone. Lately I've noticed that the navigation bar is, in comparison to the rest of the component laout, pretty boxy and awkward looking.

I was wondering whether there was any way to repeat the code from the navigation bar at the bottom (the one that only shows the Previous - Forward buttons) and place it where the navigation bar is. Obviously I'd also like it to have the rest of the nav buttons, not just Previous - Forward.

Thanks in advance!
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