May 14th, 2004


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I've looked through the memory tutorials and a lot of the entries here, and I'm sorry if I've missed something but I have a couple of questions that I didn't see while sifting through what is here.

First... how to put a component above my entries with an image such as a friends only banner. Like the 'Component Help' one above all the entries here in the community. :\

Second... how can I add an image in between my comment and leave a comment links?

That would be all. Thanks for any help in advance :)

EDIT: I found this tutorial... tried it and uhm... nothing. ... I must be a total asshat since it's not working. :\ bleh
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forcing fontcolor/backgrounds?

After reading the comments and such on this entry in lj_nifty... i was wondering

Is there a way to force posts in your friends view, to have a certain font color and background?

I have a couple of friends who post with pink/yellow text and it looks damn annoying on my transparent background. Just wondering..

hell, this would be ideal

if (friendpost font isn't default color) {
print entries with default font

if (friendpost background isn't default color/image/transparent) {
print entries with default transparent background
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Changing Navigation Bar to a Rounded Component

eduthepenguin asked how to change the Boxed Navigation Bar into a Rounded Navigation Bar. I'm making this post because the code is too long to place into a comment.

To change the Boxed Navigation Bar to a Rouned Navigation Bar, you need to override the page_layout() function as shown below. This will modify it to a rounded component like the Title component, and spaces it accordingly. If you already use the page_layout() function, then you only need to copy what's in blue into your current function where the nav bar needs to be printed.

You also need to make a few style overrides using the print_custom_head() function so that the links will be properly spaced within the component. I've also added an override to remove the background of the nav bar because it doesn't mesh well with the rounded edges. This is also shown below. If you already use the print_custom_head() function, then you only need to incorporate the area in blue into your current function.

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FreeFind Search


I just got finished setting up the FreeFind Search box from this turtorial in my journal. No problems as far as I can tell. Everything seems to be working fine. Save for one thing.

I have no idea how to customize the search results page to my journal style. In the tutorial it just says quote: "You will need to will want to customize your search result page in freefind..." *laughs* er... yes like no duh. Only it doesn't explain how.

Now at the FreeFind website in the Control Center area there's a place to customize... but well I'm an idiot and don't know what I'm doing. So... anyone help? Or point me to where this has been explained before please? pretty please? Thank you.

Edit (5/15): Oh come on! Someone? Anyone? I know -someone- knows how because this community uses FreeFind Search! So someone customized the search results page.

Edit: (5/16): Had to go outside the community but found someone to help. Just for the record.
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Hi everyone.

Long time reader, first time poster.

and the saddest thing is, this will probably be the most irrelevant post ever :)

I've recently swapped back to the s1 style and im having a weird problem with my code. I know this community is only for Component, but I cant find another good help community. can anyone give me any ideas?

but just incase anyone can help me Ill post my problem. I hope y'all dont mind.

I have all my s1 overrides all good. I used the exact same code on my journal (znp) that works fine. I copied and pasted the *exact* same code on my s1 community (twistedtails) and my picture that's sposed to appear at the top wont work. I copied again that *exact* same code to my brand new test journal (znp_) and it works perfectly. Confused, I gave the code to another one of my friends and it has the same problem as twistedtails, the picture wont appear. I dont get it. Any ideas anyone?

thanks so much for your time!!

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thank you to tjackson for helping me fix my typo :)