May 17th, 2004


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I looked for this...maybe I just stumbled upon the wrong places but basically all I want to do is change the way links appear. IE: text decoration, hover, etc.

I've added a customized scroll bar and I figured basically it would be the same, just add the hover CSS after the scroll bar CSS.

Currently this is how my scroll bar is, so I thought if I added the CSS for links after it would work, but it didn't.
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Nevermind, thanks :D

Colors help

Hi there, firstly my immidiate appologies if this question has been posted but I didn't see it in any more recent entries or in the FAQ so here I go :

Using S2 and I have my "Component Background" set to black. I noticed that when I do this it also changes the fields in my "post a comment" pages. It seems the comment field is white (which is good) but my "picture to use" pull down menu background turns black.

Is there anyway to change the background color of the pull down menu to white so you can see your icon options but not have to change the "Component Background" color?

Many thanks and once again my sincere appologies if this question has been posted previously.