May 18th, 2004

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I need a little help. And it's so simple I feel like a retard. I looked around the site and stuff. All I want to know is how to add a banner image at the top. of the page.
Like everything is how i want it laurad311 here but I want it to be like dreamsome's. Only the Image part.

ANyone know how?

marquee component

my third tutorial.

i made a tutorial for a seemingly cross-browser marquee.
stick this inside your print_free_text(Page p)
thanks to bring_me_sugar for the inspiration. ^_^
for those of us who are making these tutorials, i have come up with a nifty convention for variables.
the first part (k1) is something that abbreviates your username.
the second part (MQ) is something that abbreviates what the tutorial does.
the third part (title) is the name that you woulda used in the first place.
and you come up with something like k1MQtitle ... yayness. ^_^
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Ok, this is odd....the components on my friends page have....vanished.
I haven't messed around with any code or settings recently, so this is puzzling me. It was fine last night.
I've tried compiling and such, but don't really know what it is I'm supposed to be looking for.

Plus, I don't have this problem with my bimma journal, which is set up pretty much the same way as my English one.

I've checked the Lj maintenance and news communities, and don't find any unusual announcements there, apart from some servers being down, but I doubt that would affect it.

Any detectives out there willing to take on this case?

EDIT: Found the problem.
One of the posts had some wayward code in it which screwed up teh layout. Had to scroll down quite a ways to find it...

Damn polls. ;)
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bondage!boone purposeicons

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Okay. I figured it out and got the picture at the top and stuff.

Now, I can't get the picture to stop repeating! I just want it to show up once.

Also, How do I get the other boxes "profile, calender" to go to the right of it and over it?

Kilalah colored

if somebody can crack this I will be amazed!

Alright...although this might sound like a repeat question, it's far as I'm aware!

I want to be able to have a header image/banner on my journal. My stipulations are however that I already have a fixed background that I also want to use and also want to keep the navigation bar just under the banner.

Does anybody know how to do this?

What I have been able to accomplish is a banner w/the fixed background but with no navigation bar. I did this with a function page_layout code.

I was also able to get the banner with the navigation bar, but then it my background image disappears because the banner takes it's place. This was done with a print_custom_head function.

I'm lost and don't quite know where to go from here. Any suggestions out there?
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Ready to start crying any second now

hi there,

I realize that the tutorial is available for putting a picture above the component style and I have gone over it, but I'm code-illiterate and have no clue what's going on.

I followed this tutorial : so I understand where all this coding stuff is supposed to go but I can't follow this tutorial : without feeling even more confused than before.

I'm so sorry for posting this but I'm so lost. I like the way my layout is now but I just want a picture above my entries--is there anyone who could possible type out what I need so I can just copy and paste it?

Again, I'm so sorry if this is not the place to post this help request--if it violates any rules please feel free to delete.

Edit : FINALLY! It took me about 2 days but I finally have it figured out--thanks anyway :o)
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Question about Macs...

I have a question for anyone out there that uses Safari w/Mac OS X. On my PC...I can see my layout just the way I want it but when I use my husband's powerbook (mac) the marquee components don't show up. Any ideas why & how to fix?!

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moving component

Hi peeps! I need your help once again :)

How do I make a component content move? to be clearer, i'd like to see images move, scroll incessantly from down to up, in the components where I have the uk/us/aus charts? anyone can help?

i saw someone else's journal with just text moving in a component, so i guess i can use the same stuff, even if i have images as well :)

lemme know the codes i need to put

thanx in advance

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