May 28th, 2004

Sightless Eye v2.0

Friends page wierdness

Hi all--

I made a couple of minor tweaks to my lj layout, and now my friends page has decided that the components should all be down at the bottom on the left side! Everything else is normal, except for the friends page--did I do something wrong? Is anyone else having this problem?

Here's my current theme.

If anyone can give me any pointers, I'd appreciate it!

edit: Apparently my friendspage has decided to start looking somewhat normal again--but who knows how long that will last?
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entries / friends width

hi all, just started using component, is there any way through the stylesheet to adapt the width of the entire format? to make it less than 100% of the screen? it doesnt matter if the navbar is also effect, i've tried everything i know within the stylesheet but all i get is mess, any tips would be appreciated
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