May 31st, 2004

  • drubin

Help me, please!

It is required to change elements allocated by red color, as shown in figure (30 Kb - screen shot).

I have inserted such lines into the user layer:

(this code from the tutorial founded here)
# comment label stuff

set text_comment_date = "дата: "; # label for date in comment header
set text_comment_from = "от: "; # label for from name in comment header
set text_comment_ipaddr = "ip адрес: "; # label for ip addy in comment header
set text_comment_parent = "предыдущее"; # label for parent comment of a comment
set text_comment_thread = "ветвь"; # label for comment thread
set text_comment_reply = "ответ"; # label for replying to comment
set text_permalink = "Ссылка"; # label for permalink of a comment

but it does not give me some results...

What it is necessary to make?

p.s. sorry for my English
The Eraser

Inserting A Picture Into The Title Bar Above All The Entries

Hello all,
Been messing around with Component, have been flipping from one format to another, and I've realized that I want to stay with this. A Friend Of Mine's LJ has a picture in the bar above all his entries.

I've never used Component Overrides and want to know how to put a picture at the top of my LJ too. He says he forgot how to do it. If any of you know how, then please comment.

thank you,