June 4th, 2004


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So this is kind of a continuation of drubin's post, but not really... just trying to get a straight answer from someone who knows more than me. Does anyone know how one changes the text on comment pages (reply, parent, thread, etc)? I have the following in my theme layer:

set text_comment_from = "from:";
set text_comment_date = "date:";
set text_comment_ipaddr = "ip address:";
set text_comment_parent = "parent";
set text_comment_thread = "thread";
set text_comment_reply = "reply to this";
However, it doesn't seem to work... and it's not that it's conflicting with my other code, I tested it on a blank theme layer and it didn't work there either. What's the deal?
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I checked the FAQ and this isn't there. I edited my first theme layer and all was well.. until all of a sudden, I'm missing 2 or 3 component boxes. They were there the whole time, even after I edited the theme layer. But I went back to it later on and they were gone.. so I tried going to the Customization page to check if I still had my free text box clicked to "Yes," but I can't get there! Every time I click "Edit Customizations," it takes me to the same exact page. Is it LiveJournal or just me? Please help? Thanks.

Embedding A Webcam?

I just got a new web-cam (iSight), and I want to embed the image into a free text component. The problem is, I don't know how to go about embedding the image (as in, how to get the image from my web-cam onto a my domain and then onto my journal). I use a Mac (OSX), so windows software is useless to me and I can't seem to find much else than that.

If anyone could give me a hand I would greatly appreciate it.

Oh, and I also wanted to say thanks to all the people who have provided tutorials and whatnot. You guys are great and I'd be totally lost when it comes to S2 without you.
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Comment link order

Is there a way to switch the order of the comment links?

Right now my comment links show up as: #ofcomments linktocomment. I would like the order to be reversed, so that the link people click to leave a comment comes before the link to read the comments.

I've looked @ the tutorials and have used the search option, but haven't found an answer. =/ I'm sorry if the answer is obvious and I have simply overlooked it. =/

Thanks a bunch. (:

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I have a question concerning using justification for my journal entries. I want my journal entries to be justified. Is it as simple as sticking ...</div> somewhere in the customization? Thanks!