June 8th, 2004


interesting question: help me track down a bug or 8

I have a new style I'm working with. It's viewable here

Well it's not actually viewable, is the issue at hand. Personally I am using a build of Mozilla Firefox found here. When looking at it through the official release of Firefox, or through Internet Explorer, there are a number of issues.

  1. In the Official release of Mozilla Firefox, one cannot view the contents of ANY of the entries. The components show up fine, the width modifier in the page_layout override looks ok, but no viewable entries. : fixed, apparently specifying a background-img etc for entryHolderBG isn't good, but telling it to have background-color: transparent; works ok.
  2. In Internet Explorer, the width modifier of the page_layout override doesn't work.
  3. In the nightly build i'm viewing through, I put in a flatbox that encompasses the linkbar, however it doesn't appear to have the 'contents' of the linkbar valign'd correctly, i'm not sure why as I've put valign="middle" in just about every TD that looks appropriate..

In the nightly build I'm working with, the page looks moderately ok, there is one other thing ... I have these horizontal bars at the top of my components (on the right), I can't find where they are coming from? Anyone got any ideas?

I tried hunting them down before when they showed up in a different spot, and fixed it then by making sure i spelled $f->flatbox_footer(); right... now I don't think that's the problem...anyone got any ideas? t3knomanser i'm looking at you, you flatbox makin stud...
: fixed - note to self, don't arbitrarily call people stud, or put
inside your free_text override when you dont have them surrounded by things. smacks forehead

Anyway, here's the link to the source for this theme layer I'm working with. If you've got any insights, I would really appreciate some assistance.
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Text to Image Component

It finally works! I'm so happy. It took forever. It was really really difficult! I'm clueless when it comes to coding but I finally managed it. A big thank you to pyaari who was able to assist me in the beginning to get the initial php files together! Though after that all the tweaking to get it finally functional... I did that myself *silly grin* yeah yeah all you tech saavy coders are probably rolling your eyes but to me this was an accomplishment. I'm happy. Its cute. Anyway I just wanted to share my thank you again to pyaari.
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