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Rigth, I think I'm being a bit stupid here. I managed to add one extra component, a scrollbox, to my lj using the tutorial and some extra help. But when I tried to add another one, blah, nothing happened. for some reason I could only add one or the other but never both. Do I have to give the new component another name? or number them?
I browsed through the FAQ but it is hard to find something, when you don't know exactly what you serach for. I would like to make my Friends Only Banner stick on top -something like a permanent post without a date. How do I do that? I use S1 and Refried Paper.
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
Okay so I tried that tutorial where you add "extra" components down the side, underneath your original ones. I did everything that I was supposed to and followed every step just so and it doesn't show up on my LJ! There are no errors when I compile my code either and I can't figure out what's wrong. I haven't seen an FAQ or anything like that on it so I decided to post here. Help?

Here's my code:

layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "component";

set lineheight = 18;

function print_free_text(Page p) {

print_comp_header("Title Here");

"""< p align="right">Blah blah blah blah blah< /p>""";

Title your entry, please. Thanks!

how exactly would i go about changing the content realign so that it's in the center (see spiffydaze), and putting a banner on top? (see same user, spiffydaze.) and adding scrollbars and link hovers?

thank you bunches!